Happy Birthday Card

I didn't know what to post today.... so I posted those posts that were about pictures and quotes.... and I didn't think that was enough for today! As I was thinking about what to do, I remembered making a birthday card/letter few months ago and it turned out pretty well..^^ so I started to draw one again, remembering some steps.. there were a few birthdays coming up anyway.. and I thought that I should post it on the blog~

This is the colorful birthday card I made~!

Now, I will show you how to make it, step by step~!

First, you need a paper.. or two pieces of paper, just in case you mess up at first:).... a little blurry there...... -_____-

Okay, so what I did is, at the bottom of the paper, I wrote happy birthday, in block lettering.
Now... this seems weird.. but to make the block letters into 3D, you have to make the... shadow part(?) ..you know.. pretend that there's a sun at the top left hand corner and you could see the sides of the block letters... sorry for being so confusing... So, draw some little lines, touching every corner, facing away from the imaginary sun.

This is a close-up view of them....
And this is also complicated... but it's actually very easy. All you have to do is connect the lines....as shown above. On the curved parts, I didn't do a good job either....

The Happy Birthday sign looked too plain... so I added a little character, which right now, is only a face.

The body complete! I guess it looks a little bit nicer.... lol
This is the overall look... with no color yet. 

Now, with some color and lines for the.. words to be written^^ I didn't want to use sharpies... and I can't really color in those small block letters with those thick crayons.. and all I had were pens, as I showed you on my diary post, sooo, since I didn't want to use up the thin pens too much, I drew in bunch of diagonal lines....

This is the complete look of the card/letter~! 

A balloon.......^^ You could see how I colored in the things with more detail

I personally think that diagonal lines look much better than just coloring them in completely~ hehe 


Hehehe.. much better than just buying birthday cards for someone....  

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    Love your handmade birthday card... a "real" handmade card too all hand drawn... love it!